Service Menu 2019

    • Valet Service $187.50 Haul from ramp $275 (Customer dock. 2 Techs) Spring has additional charge **Pick up within 30 min drive from Meredith** ALL SPRING VALET services must include a summerize. This includes a technician fully inspecting the vessel and running up prior to delivery. (see Summerize)*

    • Indoor Storage $45/ft NH $55/ft MA (Plus trailer length)*

    • Outdoor Storage (MA ONLY) flat rate $300 (PLUS $17/ft for shrink wrap) Up to 30 feet Additional fees for larger boats.

    • Fall Services TBD on engine (Replace all fluids + filters add stabil to the gas then run Non Toxic antifreeze in to block as well as manifolds) Heaters, Ballast, Heads and Sinks add $75.

    • Detail Packages *Pending Condition. Priced per/ft.*
    • Copper ($20/ft)- Complete chemical wash(gelcoat concentrate), full interior cleaning, vinyl protectant, vacuum and glass cleaning.
    • Silver ($30/ft)- Complete chemical wash(gelcoat concentrate), cutting compound applied with a foam pad, followed by hand wax. Full interior cleaning, carpet wash, extraction and vacuum, vinyl protectant and glass cleaning. Aids in eliminating oxidation and enhances protection.
    • Gold ($40/ft)- Complete chemical wash(gelcoat concentrate) and wet sanding of minor surface and oxidation. Continued by a 3 step buff, starting with heavy duty compound followed by cutting compound, then polished and glazed with a foam pad and finished with a hand wax. Full interior cleaning, carpet wash, extraction and vacuum, vinyl protectant and glass cleaning.
    • Platinum ($125/ft)- Gold Package, (see above) & IGL Ceramic Coating (gelcoat repairs not included)


  • Ceramic Coating Protection TBD. Your boat needs to be fully restored prior to Ceramic Applications. ALL imperfections have to be corrected before it be sealed and protected.*


  • Bottom Wash ($10/ft)- Hoist, acid wash and sealant applied*

  • Summerize $125 per engine (Charge batteries, run engine to temp, test all safety equipment, inspect for oil leaks, test gas, look for water leaks)

    (*All Prices are for 25 ft and under and doesn’t include wide beam boats)

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