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Our Pro Shop is New England’s Premier Dealer of Phase 5 Boards and Slingshot Sports Foils

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Phase Five Wakesurf Boards have been handmade in America for over 25 years. Ever since they began building boards, people have been riding their skimboards behind boats. Phase Five has taken the technology of building skimboards, listened to wakeboarders’ desires, then perfected a finned board that would allow anyone to ride freely behind a wake boat. With over 25 years of designing boards made to ride smoothly on waves from knee high to overhead, they know they have one of the best wakesurfboards on the market today. If you are a wakesurf beginner or a seasoned veteran, you should be riding a board from the company who understands what works best on the water, has brought home 5 World Titles and has been building the boards longer than any other.


Founded in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz, Slingshot has been about tinkering, exploring and finding the next great adventure. Growing up Utah, Jeff and Tony were on a constant search for their next rush of adrenaline. No matter where you were around their property, there was always some crazy stuff going down. “We were mad scientists of weird boards and weird shapes, human CNC machines. Every once in a while we found something that really worked. It has come such a long way, but at the same time… nothing has changed.”- Tony Logosz.

Fast forward to today. Jeff and Tony instill that same spirit in the entire crew at Slingshot. They continue to experiment with new shapes, new toys and new technologies – all in an effort to find the next great adventure.