Winter Menu 2017

    • Valet Service $187.50 Haul from ramp $275 (Customer dock. 2 Techs) Spring has additional charge **Pick up within 30 min drive from Meredith** ALL SPRING VALET services must include a summerize. This would include a technician fully inspecting the vessel and running up prior to delivery. (see Summerize)

    • Indoor Heated Storage $45/ft NH $50/ft MA (Plus trailer length)

    • Outdoor Storage flat rate $300 (PLUS $17/ft for shrink wrap) Up to 30 feet Additional fees for larger boats.

    • Winterize TBD on engine (Replace all fluids + filters add stabil to the gas then run Non Toxic antifreeze in to block as well as manifolds) Heaters, Ballast, Heads and Sinks add $75.

    • Detail Packages 1 ($15) 2 ($25) 3 ($35) Pending Condition. Priced per/ft.


  • Ceramic Coating Protection All work is determined on current condition of the boat. Boat needs to be fully restored prior to Ceramic Applications. ALL imperfections need to be corrected, then it is sealed and protected.


  • Bottom Wash $10/ft (Hoist, acid wash and sealant applied)

  • Summerize $125 (Charge batteries, run engine to temp, test all safety equipment, inspect for oil leaks, test gas, look for water leaks)

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